Carbon Bearing
carbon bearing
Carbon bearing/ prevention of the use of conventional lubricating oil / Grease-solvent medium / Wide range of use / Not available to other rolloer material
Polyurethane foam insulation panels
rubber bellows mechanical seal
General mechanical seals (rubber bellows mechanical seals) series of A4A/A4C/B2/F10/F20/FKD/FKS/EPC/EPA/ EPL/NDS/NDD/C2C/MG6/J2
Glass wool insulation suppliers
pumps seals
Industrial mechanical seals / Pumps seals
/ Model series of (KUO/KUT/KBO/ KBT
Panel wall system
mechanical seal company
KD Seal Tech Co., Ltd. is a mechanical seal company has pioneered the develpoment and production in the field of Carbon and graphite application products
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Carbon Bearing